A downloadable game for Windows

Out Line is a re-imagining of the pen and paper game dots and boxes.

Out Line is a strategy game where players take turns to draw a single line between two dots. The person who draws the last line that forms a square gets a point and the person with the most points wins!

Out Line goes beyond that and adds things like:
- Multi-lines, which allows you to place patterns on the board instead of a single line.
- Consecutive lines, which when placed on the board allows you to immediately take another turn.
- Erase lines, which allows you to take someone else's square and claim it as your own!
- Square shapes, which are four squares linked to each other. These give additional points and cannot be erased.
- Null square, which when placed on the board ensures that nobody can claim the square it was placed in.
- And much more!

Out last. Out play. Out Line.

Install instructions

When you download the zip file, unzip it and place all files in the same location (desktop, another folder, etc).

To run the game simple execute (double click/open) the Out Line file. Following that simply click the "Let's Play" button, then local game, then drag and drop the icons to the desired portrait. Once that's done, click the red play button on the bottom right of the screen.

This game is primarily built for mobile but we are working on a standalone PC version. So please bear with us as we optimise for that in the future.

Please also leave as much feedback as you can as we will be needing it to develop this game further. Either post it in the discussion board, tweet at us, post on our Facebook page or simply email us at: contact@rapscallionco.com

If you can't find stuff visit our website for more info at: www.rapscallionco.com


Out Line - 2016 11 16 v2.zip 32 MB

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